Studio D

Create. Record. Mix. Master.

Welcome to Studio D. Studio D is a recording/mix/mastering facility comprised of only the finest recording equipment, set in a comfortable and inspiring creative space.

"Working here is like working in a living room filled with amazing gear."

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Studio D is located in Calgary, Canada.


This is not a 'pay by the hour, crank out recordings' studio. It is a 'project' based space. When we work here, we all settle into the project. Often times for weeks or months. It's a space where everyone sprawls out in front of the fire, holding guitars, and we create; and quite often, microphones get pointed at that, and amazing things happen.

We've worked hard to assemble some amazing gear and have built an acoustically tuned, inspiring space to house it. (5 isolation rooms, and a large control room provide all the space we need.) Built and primarily used by Steve for the projects he most wants to be a part of, this space has a much more 'personal' feel than many studios. The coffee is good (the Keurig is commercial-grade with a ton of coffee/tea choices), the fridge is stocked, the wine and scotch is top tier, Joni the dog hangs out, the washroom (and frankly, the whole place) is clean and lovely, and most importantly- we take the time, creativity, and energy necessary to bring every project to it's fullest potential.

Feel free to contact me for a tour and a coffee anytime; I love meeting new people...

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